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Upton Update

Myself (Louise Hammond) and Jane Rowbottom have just got back from Upton protection camp against fracking near Chester.

We spent a month camping in a field supporting (on behalf of Lincolnshire) Upton (anti fracking camp), the fracking company (igas)have wanted to access this field for over 18 months. Without this camp igas would be in the second stages of fracking by now in this field. Upton protection camp is still resisting igas.

What we have learnt from this camp is that one way to stop these fracking companies in Lincolnshire is to get to the field before them. If this is not possible the only option we have to monitor the violations they will make(and not tell locals) is to camp at the roadside next to the rig and video everything (as was seen at Kiln Lane near Immingham) The only violations that were reported at Kiln Lane were by us.

I now shout out to Lincolnshire residents to support us as we organise our next camp (details will follow also Facebook page for the camp )….NO FRACKING ANYWHERE,,,

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North lincs Council to discuss Misson application.

North Lincs Council’s Planning Committee is to discuss the Misson Springs fracking application this Wednesday (16 December).The council has been consulted as a neighbouring authority and the council has to decide whether to object or comment on it.

We will be speaking at the meeting asking the council to object and would welcome support.The meeting is at the Civic Centre,Ashby Road,Scunthorpe and starts at 2 pm.Let’s show NLC that we will not be fracked!

You can read the planning officer’s report here





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Super-Nanna Lou Protects Upton from Igas

Here is Scunthorpe Nanna, Lou She’s currently camping out in the cold at Upton community camp Chester where company Igas are planning to drill (yes the same company that threaten the area down the road from Scunthorpe). She’s doing fine but tired a she’s on alert with all the other protectors of the land as bailiffs are due anytime. The protectors are not going to go quietly and will use all forms of direct action to resist being moved. Lou had already done a night watch shift in the one of the four tree houses but feels okay. She’s warm and happy. Please drop her a line on facebook for moral support to show Scunthorpe and Lincolnshire are right behind her and proud! !!!!

You can follow activities at Upton here



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Support Upton Community

Upton Community Protection Camp are facing eviction.


Read about it on the Frack Off website and please support if you can.

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Frackers come to Laughton

There has been activity at Egdon Resources’ site at Laughton this week. A number of personnel and some structures have appeared on the site and FFS members are monitoring activity.


Egdon were granted permission for exploratory drilling in 2013 but deny they proposing to frack. We don’t believe them but this is what they have to say.We will post updates as we get further information.

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