Frackers come to Laughton

There has been activity at Egdon Resources’ site at Laughton this week. A number of personnel and some structures have appeared on the site and FFS members are monitoring activity.


Egdon were granted permission for exploratory drilling in 2013 but deny they proposing to frack. We don’t believe them but this is what they have to say.We will post updates as we get further information.

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One Response to Frackers come to Laughton

  1. Milfurnace says:

    I went last Saturday. I managed to get down the side & round the back of the fenced area & the site was empty of equipment & men – just the yellow plastic box & the steel pipe poking up from the ground in the middle of the drilling area to see. My lad went past earlier in the day & spotted a security patrol car coming away, so be aware that they are checking – though am unable to say when or how often.

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